Whimsical World of Collectors

Moses Znaimer is an internationally renowned Canadian broadcaster and media pioneer, founder of some 20 popular Canadian television channels and stations, including Citytv and MuchMusic. Marketing Magazine named Moses one of the Top 10 Canadian Media Moguls Of The Past 100 Years. Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of ZoomerMedia.
His career in broadcasting began when he joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He became well known for his work as host. After being denied the opportunity to pursue his creative vision at the CBC, Znaimer quit and went into private broadcasting. In 1972 he launched his first project – CityTV. The unique collection began about that time too. Later it grew into the Moses Znaimer TV Museum.
The collection first opened to the public at the Royal Ontario Museum in 1995, as an exhibit titled Watching TV. It opened in its current location at the ZoomerPlex, 64 Jefferson Ave. in 2014.
Moses Znaimer is known not only as a creator of a business empire and a person who revolutionized the TV industry, but also as an author of the 10 commandments of television. These 10 commandments, created more than 30 years ago, are still quite relevant today. However, among them there is not a single one that would explain the whimsical mind of a collector…