Steve Santini has felt an incredibly strong connection to the legendary RMS Titanic and her lost passengers and crew. This intense interest, sparked innocently enough by a childhood viewing of the classic Titanic film, “A Night to Remember,” led Steve on a lifelong quest to track down objects related to the infamous disaster that befell the, “Unsinkable,” Titanic.

Over the course of many decades of hunting and searching worldwide, Steve Santini amassed the largest Canadian collection of authentic Titanic disaster relics in private hands. This incredible desire to research and learn the mysteries of the great ship led Steve to author two published books on Titanic and also to consult to museums, auction houses, and leading international Titanic collections.

Steve was even asked to assist the art department of James Cameron’s Lightstorm Pictures during pre production work on Cameron’s blockbuster film, “Titanic.” Treating all of these rare objects with respect and reverence is a mandate of Steve’s Titanic collection.