Tim Kachurov fell under the spell of Japanese print, one may say, by mistake. One day while walking to school  a print in an old antique shop caught his eye. Since then he has been researching, studying, and collecting Japanese prints feverishly. Beauty of color, design, line, the alluring dream like charm of composition, made him a slave to this wonderful art form. The finest form of graphic art rarely equaled certainly never surpassed anywhere, anytime. Through many painful mistakes, and learning from experts, dealers, Tim has amassed a very fine collection of Japanese prints representing entire oeuvre  spanning a period of nearly 200 years. Tim has given lectures and talks on Japanese prints at the royal Ontario Museum , and other art forms at University of Toronto. some prints in the collection were previously owned by great collectors such as Schindler, Paul Blondeau, Hayashi Tadamasa, Wakai, and Felix Fricke.